The Manifestor in You

We’re all manifesting machines. What we want to be are Conscious manifesting machines.

We are constantly affecting our surroundings with our thoughts i.e. creating. This can be seen in the Quantum physics Double Split Experiment here and also how our thoughts affect water in the article Positive Power. Now consider there is water in nearly everything and our bodies are over 60% water. Imagine how your thoughts are affect you and your health.

The Law of Attraction is how we create with our thoughts. How this law works is fully explained by Abraham-Hicks through their books and I highly recommend that you read them. Abraham-Hicks (The Law of Attraction: The Basics of the Teachings of Abraham and their other books, links below) give so many examples showing how you are invoking this law and how to use it in all aspects of your life, that there is no way I can do them justice in a brief article. I will try to provide some major points so I can go on to show how I’m manifesting with the Sri Yantra. Learning that you have manifestation abilities should help you realise how You are an Extension of Source (God). Be careful it doesn’t hinder you; it is just a tool on your path of awakening. Do not become stuck on what you can manifest and your abilities that you become attached to the physical world.

POSITIVE WORDS 1The majority of us are unconsciously manifesting without knowing it, within limited socially programmed accepted norms. Running an unconscious programme that generally goes: I can’t do this, I’m not good enough, I need money to make money, I’m lonely.. and so on and on. As you think you create. Seriously that is how powerful our minds are. So if that’s what is running through your mind, that is exactly what you are creating. Every thought or word you say is like a little prayer, you Think and Create. You need to Think about what you are Thinking and then Create.

Someone asked ‘but doesn’t everyone think like that?’ Who cares what everyone thinks like, what matter is how you think. If you want to be part of the majority (who think like that), then think like that. If you want to be part of the minority who are happy – think like them.

Fundamentally, we are creators. Even the people who are not considered artists or creative, are constantly thinking and creating solutions, coming up with new inventions or ideas. God is the Creator, and we are extensions of God, we are Source, so naturally that’s we do.

According to the law of attraction, matching vibrations attract. We draw to ourselves things aligned with our vibration. If we are negative, a lower vibration, we attract more negative things and become suck. We need to realize our vibration starts from our thoughts; this way even if negative things happen, as long as we think positively, rather than focusing on the negative, we can change things around as we attract positive things. When negative things appear in your life, rather than having negative thoughts, realize that contrast is what makes you aware of what you want. Knowing what you don’t want, helps direct you to what you do want. To vibrate in alignment with what we want, we just need to think about them. It’s that simple. It is then created in the vibratory world and then manifests into the physical world. As Abraham likes to say, they are manifestational indicators of the vibration. Formed in this reality as proof that you already created it in the vibratory world.

Why Does this Work?
Read Quantum Physic – Double Split Experiment and Mediation – Rainbow Bliss – You are Source. Consciousness, or observation, affects how energy/particles behave. The higher degree of observation or attention given to the light particles, the energy, in the experiment, the more the energy vibration behaved like a particle; the more attention given, the quicker vibrations (which is energy) manifests into physical solid matter. Energy moves randomly until it is observed, and in its observation it take a certain route, a certain vibration which defines its properties. The only thing that differentiates you from the table is your vibration. Our thoughts (which are also vibrations) come first and then the energy forms into the world we see around us, it just happens so quickly. Due our expectation of what should be out there (our programming), the world is consistent, i.e. the table is always there until we have a reason why it isn’t there; consistent with what we believe it should be. The Law of Attraction teaches us to change our vibration to attract alike vibrations; what we are doing is really just changing our thoughts (vibrations), our expectations, and therefore changing what we are creating, to change our reality.

Now there is a time buffer and this causes people not to believe. They start thinking, oh it’s never going to happen etc and then that’s exactly what they then create. You see the pitfall.

We are masters of limitation. We have to limit ourselves in order to be here, to have a human experience. You have created what you want in the vibratory world, but your doubts then prevent them from entering into your life, as your vibration has changed to doubt and lack, repelling what you want (on the other level, you are creating lack with your thoughts). When you have these negative thoughts, you need to start focusing on something else, like read a book or get busy. Mediation helps, as it teaches you to notice your thoughts. This way when you notice these trails of thoughts in your daily life, you can stop them straight away.

Ok Lets Start – First you need to know what you want. Some people think about what they want and then think about issues or problems that it may cause. Don’t worry about them, the universe and you will continue to find solutions for them if they arise; and the problems will arise if you keep thing about them.
List out 10 things you want to achieve in your life. Simple but powerful, as it set your intention to your goals. It makes you aware, such that decisions in your daily life are geared towards them, rather than just taken haphazardly.

Love-HeartYou are an Extension of Source, You are Source, therefore it is only logical that when you connect to that inner being inside yourself, that your creative ability is more powerful. This is why in the Law of Attraction books, it tells you to get into your Vortex first. The Vortex is the alignment of you and the divinity in you. The Divine is Love. By feeling Love and Appreciation, you are in the same vibration and therefore in alignment with Source. Note that the most beautiful water crystals formed are when Love and Gratitude are expressed to the water, please see Positive Power and Dr Emoto’s work.
So you should list out, say 10 positive things that happened during the day and express appreciation for them to help you achieve this alignment. Then visualize your goals, imagine yourself having already achieved the goal, as if it is already in your life. Do this each night, before you sleep, so that you fall asleep in this vibration and hopefully continue this vibration throughout your sleep. When you wake up, doing it again to set your vibrations and intentions for the day.

Walk in Love & Gratitude, Always & Watch your Life turn Magical, Fast!

Your goal may seem very extreme in your current situation, such that as you trying to think of it, underlying you are thinking that’s never going to happen. To overcome this, you can think of steps of how you will achieve the goal. Break down into 10 steps, smaller achievements on your way to your final goal. When you visualize what you want, go through each step to your final goal and then focus on the goal. This should be your main focus, the steps are to help get you there. There’s no need to focus on the steps too much. Don’t limit yourself such that they are the only way you see yourself achieving your goal. Don’t worry too much about the ‘how’, the universe will sort that out. There a millions of ‘hows’, 90% of which you probably could never imagine. Every experience, every creative solution adds to the knowledge and wisdom of the Oneness of All, such that it is constantly growing, constantly creating more ‘hows’. We are constantly adding to the wisdom of the All.

For example, my cousin wasn’t enjoying her work and had made a decision to save a certain amount of money by the end of the year. This way she would feel more secure if she wanted to leave her currently job and needed time to look for a new one. She previously had a minor car crash, which was not her fault. Later she was told she would be given compensation for her whiplash, which was unexpected, which help considerably towards her goal. She hadn’t even heard of the Law of Attraction then, but had started noticing things happening when she sets goals down. Knowing about it helps us create more consciously. You can say this is just a coincidence, but when you notice these coincidences happening again and again, you will realize you will want to create more and more of these coincidences (or coin–incidents..ka-ching ka-ching). Keep a journal and start writing down when things appear in your life and watch the magic unfold. As it happens again and again, it becomes easier as you begin to believe.

I recommend reading the Law of Attraction and The Vortex and then listening to their Rampage of Appreciation on youtube. I even set this as my alarm clock and at first keep thinking maybe I’m just brainwashing myself. But then I started seeing manifestations appearing all the time, random things like not being able to find my coloring pencils and thinking I needed to get some. I then went to a photo exhibition a few weekends after and was handed a set of coloring pencils.

Like driving a car, you don’t ask how it works, you just know it does. After a while you won’t bother with the how, you will just trust in the Universe.

The Universe can bring something to you, but only you can choose to take it or not. For example, you may set an intention to be a Photographer. The Universe brings an opportunity for you to be a second shooter at a wedding. Now it is up to you. You may choose not to do it out of fear or to do it the best you can out of love (of photography). Realize you choose between fear or love all the time. Keep taking the path or doing the things that lead you to your goal. Once you have put your intentions down on paper, not only is the universe (which is you) more aware of what you want, you become much more aware of the pointers or things place on your path to help you achieve your goal. The Universe will bring opportunities for you to go out or met people etc that may lead to other things, but if you just sit around and think ‘I don’t need to do anything the Universe will bring it to my lap’, then you’re making it pretty hard for the Universe if you’re not going to co-operate.

Will & Faith is what is required. Will power, in order to keep stopping negative thoughts in their tracks constantly. To keep thinking positively, to keep giving Love and Appreciation and visualising your goals, no matter what situation you are in. Faith that you will achieve your goal, so you keep going; it also stops you having ‘not allowing’ thoughts. Will power can be trained, Faith will come as you see the Universe working to help your achieve you intentions. Train your will power. If you don’t get up early, start becoming more disciplined by waking up early to achieve things. No matter what it takes, you keep your word. If you smoke, give up. Achieving hard things will make you realize you can achieve anything. It helps change the way you think towards thinking or researching for solutions because you know there is one. Towards thinking I will do, learn (there’s no excuse now there’s Google and YouTube), make time etc for what’s needed to achieve your goal.

Your mantra can be something like ‘I am the master of my limitations, I choose to unlimit the way I think, see and vibrate.’

You are the creator of your reality. Now you know that, it’s time to take responsibility for your life and consciously create. There’s no more blaming outside factors or making excuses for what you don’t know or that it’s not in your power. You are the Greatest Power there is.

Now Deep Breath – Manifesting with the Sri Yantra click here …

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