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Sounds like a cliché! but what do we really know of positive power?

Dr Emoto, from Japan, has been carrying out simple experiments on water. He freezes samples different types of water and photographs the crystals that form. One of his researchers suggested subjecting a jar of water to music, and they found that different types of music formed different crystals. They then tried writing different words and pictures on a piece of paper and wrapping them around the jars. Droplets of the water were then frozen and the crystals viewed under a microscope. Out of the 50 droplets from each water samples, the one that best represents the characteristics of that particular water sample would be photographed.

The amazing thing was that water that was subjected to written or spoken words of love, to classical music, to being shown beautiful pictures formed beautiful crystals.

Water Crystals Dr EmotoWater being told ‘you are beautiful’ lots of times produced more well formed crystals than the water having been told only a few times. Water subjected to negativity or negative words like you fool, war, evil or even just ignored failed to form crystals at all. Photos of all the crystals are published in his books ‘The Messages of Water’ and ‘The Messages from Water II’.

Dr Emoto’s considers the most beautiful crystal to form, are ones when the water is subject to “love and gratitude”.

love & gratitude water crystalThe power of this knowledge is immense, considering nearly everything around us contains water. We consist up to 79% of water when babies to 50 to 70% when adults. Imagine how every time you have a thought within yourself or when they are projected at others, the affect it has depending if it is positive or negative. It is clear it will affect the water within you. The water may remain H2O but it does not mean that another dimension of it has not changed, which could greatly affect our well. Common sense tells us retaining the water within us to have the ability to form perfect beautiful crystals is surely better than the opposite.

A similar experiment was conducted on rice and can easily be reproduced at home. Rice was placed in two identical jars with lids. Every day for a month one jar would be told ‘thank you’ and the other jar told ‘you fool.’ After a month it was found that the jar that was subjected to you fool had turned rotten and black, where else the other jar started to ferment with a mellow smell like malt. Later when the experiment was repeated an additional jar was added to the experiment, but just ignored. This jar rotted even quicker than the one being told ‘you fool’ daily.


Dr Emoto went further and conducted a ceremony of sending Love and Gratitude to the waters in Lake Baikal, Siberia, Russia, on the 3rd August 2008. After lunch they step outside and discovered a huge and beautiful double rainbow, as if water was sending back to them its own message of love and gratitude. Dr. Emoto has now set a date as “World day of Love and Thanks to Water” and offers this ceremony to water on that day annually somewhere in the world. This date is July 25th as it was also known as “Day out of time” in Mayan culture on which they celebrated nature.

Dr. Emoto’s work has been considered by many as pseudo science, however it has neither actually been disproved nor substantiated by research scientists. It seems strange that an experiment as easy to conduct as the one above by freezing droplets of water, the results of which could make such a significant impact on Science, has not been reproduced to confirm or rebut Dr. Emoto’s results. I have experimented by sitting in the waters of Thailand giving love and gratitude for around an hour. Later in the afternoon I noticed double rainbow rings around the sun. It may be just a coincidence, but you are invited to try it out for yourself.

From the video below, you can see how each individual affect the water drops with their individual vibration. Now coupled with the fact that water retains memory, don’t you think we should be talking to ourselves or others better; being more positive so that the water inside of us forms beautifully. There maybe great knowledge hidden in the tradition of praying before eating as would logically have a positive outcome on the water in the food as we send it good vibrations, which then becomes a part of us when we eat it.

Quantum mechanics considers energy and matter to act and interact as both particles and waves. In 1998 Weizmann Institute of Science published an article on Young’s double slit experiment, which demonstrated how a beam of electrons acts like a wave, until it observed, when it then behaves like a particle. The experiment revealed that the greater the amount of “watching,” the greater the observer’s influence on the wave behaving like a particle. The very act of watching or our presence, affects the resultant reality. According to quantum mechanics, nothing at the subatomic scale can really be said to exist until it is observed. Particles occupy uncertain “superposition” states, in which they can be moving in any direction, at any speed, until the mere act of observing somehow appears to “nail down” a particular state of reality. We should therefore not underestimate how our presence, affects the external world. Our thinking, and its intent, positive or negative, produces a vibration, which affect that around us.

“Be vigilant; guard your mind against negative thoughts.” Buddha

meditatingKnowing the power of your thoughts, I hope you would ever let your mind wonder rampantly, having negative thoughts again. Considering how its can affect our bodies and others, we have a responsibility to learn to control our thoughts. We should have power over them, rather than letting outside factors influence them and letting thoughts over run us. One way to learn to recognize our thoughts and control them is through meditation. During meditation, try to notice thoughts entering and what type they are, and practice dispersing them. As one practices, one will notice what kinds of thoughts enter their head daily and will be able to disperse the negative ones quickly, focusing on more positive thoughts.

Giving love and gratitude every night can help train one to maintain positive thoughts. We can give thanks and appreciate the to things that have been experienced during the day. It maybe difficult to think of anything at first if we are in a slump, but as we try and see positive things of the day, it will get easier and easier, such that we will notice the positive things in our life more.

Law of Attraction states that our positive vibrations will in turn attract positive vibrating things into our lives. It is also believe that the sate of well-being is our natural state. It is only the negative thoughts, vibrations, of why we are ill or not getting better, that cause us to attract these negative things rather than our natural state. Snowflakes are perfect beautiful crystal. It would seem this is the natural state of water, before polluted by its surroundings or negativity.


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