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Quantum physic is the study of the behaviour of photons, electrons, and other atomic-scale objects and the physical laws that apply at microscopic scales. Newton’s laws of motion do not apply here and thus other theories are used to describe the behaviour of these sub-atomic particles. Photons and electrons have been found to have an ability to behave as either a particle or a wave. Light, for an instance, is made up of photons, but it is also has a wave nature. This is deemed as particle/wave duality.

If a wave generator is placed behind a plate with 2 slits and it is only allowed to pass through one slit, when the wave hits the screen infront it would be strongest in the middle infront of where the slit is and disperse either side.
double slit experiment.
When both slits are opened, two sets of waves would be produced as the wave passes through the 2 slits. Where the waves met, they either cancel each other out (destructive interference) or reinforce each other creating a larger wave (constructive inference).
InterferenceWhen waves  met they superpose to form a resultant wave of greater or lower amplitude.

In the center, between the slits, where there is the most overlap (constructive interference), there is the largest wave (if this was a light wave this would be the brightest area). The resulting pattern is a large wave in the center, then moving outwards either side, is a smaller wave that has been caused by destructive interference, then a large wave, due to constructive inference, and then a smaller wave and so forth. The result is a wavy pattern, instead of getting the sum of the result of when each individual slit is open.

In Young’s Double-slit experiment, a series of single photons (light particles) or a beam of electrons is fired towards a solid plate that has two slits. A photographic plate or detector is placed after the slits to record the results. If one either one of the slits are covered, the result would be that the electrons would only pass through the uncovered slit and hit the detector plate, such that you would get more electrons hitting the plate close to centre of the slit and some dispersing either side of the center, similar to a wave passing through 1 slit.
youngs double slit experimentWhen both slits are uncovered, you would expect to find on the detector a high number of electrons, or a brighter area, where the electrons coming through each slit and hitting plate over lap. This would be the result of particle theory. However, it is observed that the results from the two slits interfere with each other, resulting in a wave pattern, suggesting that it behaves as a wave traveling through both slits at once. The exact same wave-like interference pattern builds up even when the rate of photon emission is reduced all the way down to 1 photon firing per second, such that the individual photon would have to go through one of the two slits (it would not be able to go through both slits at the same time. The particles do not split either, and if it did how would it know when to split). The same interference pattern builds up even when neutrons and heavy atoms are fired in the same way.

The Weizmann Institute of Science found that the wave pattern only occurs when no one is watching. Under observation, the particles are seen going through one slit, and thus cannot go through the other, and the pattern does not occur. The observer has the effect of forcing the electrons to behave like particles and not like waves. Thus the mere act of observation affects the experimental findings. A sophisticated electronic detector, whose capacity to detect electrons could be altered by changing the strength of electrical current passing through it, was then used to act as the ‘observer’. When its ability to detect electrons was high, a high level of the observation; it was found that the interference weakened i.e. the electrons acted more like particles. When its capacity to detect electrons was reduced, the interference pattern increased and the particles behaved more like waves. By controlling the properties of the quantum observer, the extent of its influence on the electrons’ behavior could be controlled. It would seem that the natural form of matter or light would be a wave, and dependant on the degree it is observed, it takes the form of a particle.

Thus light, energy, and matter, which would include us, not only acts like particles but as waves as well. In general, quantum mechanics considers all matter as possessing both particle and wave behaviors. Quantum physics is used to describe physical laws that apply at microscopic scales, and it would seem that this behavior is possible as these particles are not being observed constantly, as they cannot be seen with the naked eye. Larger matters, which are under our observation all the time, must act like particles. However, these microscopic particles are the building blocks of the world around us. This would apply that if not observed, everything we know as solid, including ourselves, would act as waves. Through our consciousness, through observation, this world is made solid.

We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world. –– Buddha

Both Einstein and Buddha recognized that the physical world we live in is an illusion experienced through our thoughts

Reality is merely an illusion, although a very persistent one Albert Einstein

Niels Bohr, a Danish physicist, who received a Nobel Prize in Physics in 1922 for his contributions to understanding atomic structure and quantum mechanics, reasoned that nature likes to keep it possibilities open, following every path. Such that everything exists as vibrations and only when observed is nature forced to choose only one path. What is observed is here and now. The future is not yet observed and thus has infinite possibilities. The Copenhagen interpretation of quantum theory presented by Niels Bohr, basically says that  “What cannot be observed does not exist.”

What came first, our observation or us as a solid being with the ability to observe? The solid being could not have come into existence without the observation. Unless the observation was possible without the solid being existing first i.e. there existed first a consciousness. Consciousness can no longer be ignored by scientists, especially now that they know that consciousness can influence experiments and the scientific observation of the most fundamental aspects of matter.

Law of attraction are teachings channeled to Esther Hicks by a group of non-physical beings called ‘Abraham’, which was made famous by the best selling book ‘The Secret’. They have published many best selling books teaching people how to attract the things they want in life. They state that we live in a vibratory world, where everything is vibration. They consider that everything in this physical world are manifestation indicators of vibration. As we think we create these vibrations and then they manifests into our world. The Law of Attraction states ‘that which is like unto itself, is drawn.’ What has been created vibrates in a certain way and when we think about it, we vibrate the same way, drawing it to us. The more we focus our attention onto something, the quicker we attract, or manifest it, into our life. One obvious example is how successful people use affirmations daily to achieve what they want.  Does this not seem very similar to what has been observed in quantum mechanics? Consciousness, or observation, affects how particles behave. The higher degree of observation or attention the more the waves, vibrations, will behave like a particle; the more attention the quicker the vibration manifests into physical solid matter.

If everything consists of vibrations, until observation, then our mind and thought should also fall into that. Positive thoughts are considered to consist of higher vibrations and negative thoughts, lower ones. Like all vibrations, when emitted, it would affect the surrounding vibrations or objects. A particle moving in an infinite number of ways or a vibration, hit constantly by another vibration, would start to move in the same way. It is logic that our thought waves, or vibrations, can affect the way a wave acts and therefore the resulting particle. Thus there may be a way this physical world can be molded in the vibratory stage before it manifests. The Law of attraction believes in this and teaches how we can utilize it and how to subconsciously not attract things into our lives we do not want. Everything has an infinite possibility, until the observation through our consciousness, reduces the physical possibilities into a single possibility, which forces nature to take one path.

The way we experience ourselves and other things in the classical world is really just “a figment of our imaginations shaped by our senses.” – Arizona State University Regents’ Professor David Ferry

Einstein’s theory of relativity, E=MC2, implies that energy and mass is equivalent. As shown above, waveform, which is energy, also behaves as a particle, which would have mass.   The constant that changes mass to energy is C2, speed of light. From above the only thing that changes the waveform, energy, into a solid with mass, is our observation, our thought. The only thing that travels at the speed of light is pure energy, which is light. We are the light that converts energy to mass, vibrations into physical form.


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