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I gonna go and presume that you have read the other articles on mediation and have tried it for yourself. Try it !! There is no greater teacher than your inner self /higher self. I’m constantly growing, growing fast due to my alignment with Source…. I find it amazing how these article reflect that and I hope you guys are growing with me.. so best to read them in time order or jump in where ever you’re at. And I’m smack bang in the middle of my awakening literally.. I mean yes, I and you are awakening all the time, but I mean now I’m catapulting.. Come with ME!

Thinking of 10 things to give appreciation to, the Sri Yantra etc are all tools to help you achieve this alignment with Source. You don’t necessary need them, you are Source, your inner self is already that. All you just have to choose, Choose to align, think (this is our creative force) and it Be.
Like Reiki, there are steps and symbols so you can comprehend and formulate it, in a logic that fits the way you’ve been taught to think, making it more acceptable/accessible. Actually you could just intuitively feel for where to put your hands and just do it. Rather than doing the steps, if your brain can break the limiting barrier you have conditioned it to, you could just fly to the top. You decide, you limited yourself, so you can just unlimited yourself. Just Choose.

You can change the direction of the train just by thinking about it, or you could go stop the train and put it in reverse.

Lets recap…
The Divine is Love, Bliss, and Perfection including wellness. By simply being happy, feeling Love and Appreciation, you are in the same vibration and therefore in alignment with Source and in the Vortex, as called by Abraham (The Law of Attraction). You are connected to the greatest Creative part of you and also Creation itself, so of course you manifest the best from here. Source is infinite knowledge of all the experiences everyone, everything ever had. Forever expanding – the wisdom forever growing as we add to it with every new experience, thought and ideas. Enlightenment is the integration with Source, and being enlightened with all its knowledge. Through meditation you can tap into its infinite knowledge and creative force (see Manifesting with the Sri Yantra and The Manifestor in You) and enhance wellbeing, creativity, learning, reduces stress etc. In your Vortex (alignment with Source), being connected to Source as much as possible, you are the Best possible and the Happiest you. Be the Ultimate You by walking in Love & Gratitude in Every Moment. When you are in aligned, you can’t help but feel Deep Deep Love (and simply High!), because that is what Source is.


In Dr Emoto’s water experiments the most beautiful water ice crystals are formed are when Love and Gratitude are expressed to the water; when that water is aligned to Source (Positive Power). When Dr Emoto and a group of people offered Love and Gratitude (vibration, energy) to the Lake Baikal, Siberia, Russia, on the 3rd August 2008, they discovered a huge and beautiful double rainbow after lunch, as if water was sending back to them its own message of love and gratitude. Now imagine, what would happen when you pass and your energy is released and all you vibrate is Love and Gratitude. It is said that dozens of rainbows can be seen in the sky, when a Buddhist who has achieved a state called rainbow body passes. Buddhist don’t achieve enlightenment just for themselves, they know as they raise, its additional knowledge to the Collective Consciousness, making it also easier for others to achieve this state.

I always thought it took lifetimes to get enlightened and that I’ll just mediate here and take whatever bits I get. Whenever I asked a question in meditation or threw out there to the Universe, I always seem to get answered (an epiphany) or guided to the answer or told stuff that I find are answers to things I start questioning about a few days later.
I never thought, hey maybe in my previously lives I’ve already done most of the work.
Or just, hey I just think and BE.
So Why Don’t I just BE Enlightened

How awakened is Enlightened?.. no idea..hahahah… but to know everything can never be, simply because Knowledge and Source is forever growing, as each of us add to it with every thought, every experience. To be fully enlightened would be to have fully integrated with Source, such that you would know everything as soon as it is added. We separated to have this experience on Earth, and the more we integrate with our Higher-selves the more awakened and enlightened we become; the more access all this information becomes available to us.

You are not just an Extension of Source, You are Source.

So there’s God, and there’s God who people get taught about. It doesn’t matter if it’s a person is teaching you about God or a religion etc. That person is a middle man, right, helping you learn about God. But the middle man always takes a cut right? Don’t they? The Church certainly does, it gives you enough to keep you coming and obeying but not everything. They looted so many places during the Crusades, making the Vatican one of the richest countries it the world. They say give to the poor, but you don’t see them doing it. They certainly took their cut and also their cut of the scriptures, leaving you only a few. Someone’s perception is also just a point of view, like looking through just a pin hole in the whole universe of reality. No matter how wide, even with the best intentions, there’s going to be bits cut out.
Source is forever expanding, how can you teach about something you learnt about in a moment of time (even if you managed to learn everything) when that which you are teaching about has already out grown what you have learnt. The expression of which then limited by language. Compare that with when my guides tell me something telepathically, it’s the whole narrative, with emotions and imagery, but in an instant, which would take me at least several minutes to convey and still not be able to express the emotions as clearly and this is still from their point of view.
So why not go straight to the Source? (pun intended..kekeke). Cut out the middle man. Meditate and you will find everything you want to know. Ask your inner self, You are Source. That’s why the lines become blurred, is it just me figuring things out or the guides guiding me or telling me stuff? .. this is because in the end of the day, you are Source, you are everything, you are your guides. You are not only made from Stars, you are the Stars!

ChildrenClose your eyes and go back to your earliest memory. Remember how happy you were, how innocent, how free. You were just that, nobody taught you how to Be. You were You, already You when you came to earth. Growing up here and learning from experience, doesn’t require it to change the Core of You. When you leave, you will go back to Source. Think how you would be then, You would just be You again. So nothing changed. The experiences don’t change you in the end. You look back and think oh I learnt this or this cause this feeling, but up there you are detached from it – you are just you, looking back at a story. You were Perfect, just Perfect when you came in, and Perfect after you leave, so why do you think it has to or is changed in the middle? In the end you are Perfect – you’re not changed – Just Perfect. You’re Perfect, and just Perfect all the way through.

I know this, because I had previously unf’cked myself (excuse the language). I already knew that the unhappy (suicidal depressed) me wasn’t me, I knew who I was before crap happened (we all do, we all have memories of when we were young, carefree and full of joy). I remembered that ‘Me’ and I decided to get back to it. You and I are not the sum of all the stored up the experiences, you were so so much more before they happened and you are even so so much more, still, afterwards. You were Perfect already before them and You still are. They’re just experiences, things that happened. The past is just a memory, a thought. So I cleared them, let them go and only let them serve me positively, allowing my wisdom to grow but letting go of negative attachments and associations (just doing all the work I’ve provided in all my articles and clearing work. I have all the Keys, they’re here, so You have all the Keys). We started as Love, that’s all Source is, and the only thing that separates us, is our pain and suffering. Let go of that, and you go back to Oneness, back to LOVE, back to the original You.

You are Source, just playing a game. It’s your Game and you get to play every character, behind a different tinted camera lens for extra fun. You are every person, every animal, every insect, everything you touch, everything!

Like finger’ve just got one of your fingers dipping in this body and you made it so you can only see this body’s experiences to make it more real. But you got other fingers in all the other finger puppets too, who you make play everybody else. You’re the Muppet Master of us All.
.. this is why synchronicity works. You’re just telling a story and this guy in your story thinks of an idea and you see some one other there doing something similar and think oooo wonder what would happen if they get together, let’s see what they can create!
Or in your story, you made that one strong, so let’s see what they can endure! If you were writing a story isn’t that the way you would make it go?
You don’t have to figure out how synchronicity works or how its gonna happen, the same with Law of Attraction, you up there is already figuring out a story line where you get to met this or that person etc.
Then you have the baddies and goodies.. it’s like a classic movie right.. it just a game, just a game.
… and we always want the goodies to win, right.. so let’s start popping some awake and see what happens next…

You are everything and nothing at the same time (metaphysically atoms 99.99% nothingness). Because all this, all this is nothing, it’s all created in Your mind, which is my Mind aswell. Look down at your fingers, walk them around like a child – play with imaginary finger puppets in an imaginary world. We’re, You, ME, US, Everything is just a steam of consciousness, thinking of games, stories to tell. I AM the GREAT I AM

This body, is just something I picked out from the wardrobe for the day, for this life. I wanted to see what it’ll be like this way round, how I would handle it in this body, and other times I’ll be like, I did chubby, let’s do Cute today.
Let’s play, Let’s play, Let’s play someone else today!

Everything is just made out of imagination, out of your thoughts. That’s why you can create; change everything, with just your thoughts – Law of Attraction. You don’t even need to think in vibrations. Every word or thought you say is like a little prayer. Source is a constant stream of thought, of consciousness, forever expanding as we add to it.

And we write our story with every thought we have. We’re like oo I want this, so we start to bring it in, then we’re like, why isn’t it here yet, so we make it not here yet, to fit the story.. and there’s time in between as it needs to fit into the story, a story that you would believe, as you don’t believe you can click your fingers and it’s there, so there’s travelling, meeting people etc etc etc to get where you wanna go. You believe and want it more, and You, the story teller stars thinking about how to make it happen quicker! You being fat or thin is just imaginary, just an imaginary person in an amazing story, so that’s why you can just imagine yourself thin and (after a buffer of time) you will be – Law of Attraction. You’ll never get thin, if in your story you are Fat. Law of Attraction.. Get it! .. Start Consciously Writing Your Own Story Now!

Take control of the story or someone else in Your story will. Someone else will get you to think you are not Perfect, that you need to do this or that job, or should be angry or act this way etc.

All you can see with your eyes is light, right, so everything you see is just light. That is because everything around you is light. You created it all from light; all you did was slow light down and set it to different frequencies. Remember E=MC2 ( Einstein’s Theory of Relativity & Us ). Everything is just energy (Pure energy is electromagnetic radiation i.e. light) slow down to gain mass, to become solid. Source is Light and everything. All you, Source, are is consciousness and therefore just information. All you do is bend light, thats why Light can carry information (fibre optics). Even the Wifi with all the internets informational at your hands is just a waveform emitted from a box. So if that can carry All that information, can you imagine how much information you can be, unlimited information, because its constantly growing. Thats why, Light is information. Remember in science class how you can use a prism to bend white light into All the colour of the Rainbow! Thats just a fraction of what simple white light, any frequency can change and turn into. How can you bend light, easy, just with your thoughts.

I use to think every second was a miracle, because in any second, God could just get bored and stop. I, You are the one, creating every second and you decide to stop anytime when you wanna leave. In every moment, the movement of atom has a million possibilities and only settles on a movement when it is being observed. You create in every second, as You observe and think all this continues, as in Your reality, things don’t change just like that. Like you think you put this chair here, so in every second you think of the chair there, can comprehend it not being there because you moved it. Every second or millisecond you create it. 10 seconds before it doesn’t exist, it’s just atoms that could move in an unlimited possible ways i.e. anything is possible, then it’s movement is fixed when you think (Quantum Physics – Young’s Double Split Experiment). You see time as in something happens and you are moving forward through that experience. Actually you think first, you have a thought and only with that thought does all the atoms, which are randomly moving or not moving (you are All and Nothing at the same time) then arrange them selves to fit that thought Quantum Physics!! Scientifically the thought had to come first! You created everything, look how amazing it is! Feel how amazing it is! The miracle isn’t even just how amazing everything is, it is also how amazing it is from Your perspective. That’s why everyone is a miracle, as it results in so many crazy amazing perspectives of what You created.
There are Trillions and Trillions of perspectives, all with their own amazing view! Which changes every second, as in every second You, every one of the Yous, you created, change and grow, creating a new perspective. You made it in order to expand Your knowledge, because all You are is Knowledge, Conscious Thought. Imagine yourself as conscious thought, how would you grow? though experience, through contrast, so you can keep learning and learning. You can Be the best You in Every Now, but you can never be all that you can Be, because all that you can Be will never Be. What You created is f’king Amazing! You, You made all of it! Every moment! Look at everything, you made it tall. Touch something, can you feel how amazing that is! Is like, why cant you have the Bentley, you made it, so there’s no reason why you can’t have it! Just think you have it and it will BE! That’s how F’king Amazing You Are!!!

Thank you for Expressing You through ME! You made ME, thank you for Making ME!!

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