Manifesting with the Sri Yantra

Sri Yantra Meditation and The Manifestor in You should be read first.

Learning to manifest can help you can rediscover the Divinity that you are. Do not become stuck on achievements that you stop awakening and become attached to the material world. You must be careful it doesn’t become a barrier to the Ultimate Truth. Let go of the fear that society has created that resources are limited. The Universe is abundant. Benefit others with your achievements, knowing it will not reduce the resources available to you, but will only increase your happiness.

First lets re-program how society has taught you to talk to yourself. Changing the way you sub-consciously talk to yourself will re-program your cells in your body and re-program your vibration. Your body consists of over 60% water and water retains memory. Just have a look at the Positive Power article to see what positive thoughts and vibrations do to water. Now imagine what kind of thoughts your body is holding on to all the time and what it is doing to your body and health. How do you honestly talk to yourself? I’ve met many people who constantly put themselves down that they’re too fat, too thin, to thick etc, this is because we’re sold a certain ‘perfection’ through advertising (constant brainwashing). Then we are jealous of those who have what we want, so we make them feel bad for it and also think we are judged for not being good enough. This training just goes on and go on and is embedded into our sub-consciousness. Happiness comes from within, it’s a emotion, but we’re taught it’s sold over the counter; if I have this or if I’m like this I’ll be happy. It is time to say enough. Its time to tell yourself, your body, your existence a different story. Just by reprogramming the way you think, your thoughts, you can change how you perceive your reality and therefore your reality will change.

om In India a mantra is required to be repeated for 108 times a day for 40 days straight in order for it to start being programmed into your sub-consciousness. Yes, 108 times!! All mantras are repeated 108 times. All prayer beads count up to 108 and there are also 108 Upanishads. 108 is considered the numerical equivalent of OM and is very sacred. 1 stands for the Oness of All, God or Higher Truth, 0 stands for emptiness or completeness in spiritual practice, everything is created from nothing, and 8 stands for infinity or eternity. The Sun’s diameter is about 108 times that of the Earth.  The distance between the Earth and Sun is 108 times the diameter of the Sun. The distance between Earth and Moon is 108 times the diameter of the Moon. There are 54 letters in the Sanskrit alphabet. Each has a masculine and feminine aspect, Shiva and Shakti. On the Sri Yantra, there are 54 marmas (intersections) where three lines intersect and each intersection also contains both Shiva and Shakti qualities. 54 times the 2 qualities equals 108.

108 times, it sounds a lot but it’s easy. Just do it in your head (or out aloud if you fancy looking crazy) on your commute to work and back and tally them off in a journal (only if you are not driving). Don’t let the weekends bugger you up, as if you forget a day, the 40 days need to be started over again. The mantra, like the goals you set for manifesting, need to be some thing you believe, that it is not such a jump that you would reject it. You can do steps up to the belief, for example ‘everyone clapped after my presentation; I can be confident’ etc to ‘I am confident, I can do this’. Rather than just saying ‘I am confidant’ and then thinking no I’m not, because society has programmed you into thinking that way. You can re-program your mind to think positively in any areas you want, so that you can eliminate all the negative chatter you have at the back of your head. Getting rid of the negative thoughts and having positive ones, will make you happier and affect the water in your cells, your health and the way you vibrate so you will attract more positive things into your life.

Just being positive when you take the time out to mediate, limits your power to create positive things in your life. Vibrating positivity means you are attracting positive things throughout the 24 hours of the days. Of course there will be things that throw you off, but you will get back into that vibration much easier if thats your normal place of being. Contrast lets you know what you don’t want, so that you know what you do want, so that you will know what you want to focus on.

Now Step it Up!

One way to reach our sub-consciousness is through mediation. Many people state that after mediation they find they are more creative, or inspired, have an epiphany or solutions flow easier to them etc. This is because mediation is another way which leads you to your inner self, Source. Source contains the knowledge of the All, and it’s like plugging yourself into a super computer, which also has super ram from which you run thoughts. Your sub-consciousness is your Higher-Self; this is why past life regression is achievable under hypnosis as it taps into this sub-consciousness. Above your Higher-Self, there are higher consciousnesses including Christ-Consciousnesses, which lead all the way up to Source.

Therefore doing the mantra during mediation is a quick way for it to reach your sub-consciousness as you are already connecting to that part of you. So when you are travelling but not if you are driving, take a few deep breaths and just relax into a meditate state before reciting the mantra.

Step it Up, Step it up Again! Step Up Your Game!

You want to be aligned as much as possible to the most powerful aspect of yourself to make it as effective as possible. Step into alignment with Source, step into the Vortex. Once you are in a relax meditative states, list say 10 positive things and give Love and Appreciation for them, so you also vibrate this and become more aligned with Source. Then do your mantra.
When you do anything from this Alignment with Source it is only Natural that you’re at your very Best. Wouldn’t you want to be the Ultimate You as much as possible. Then walk in Love & Gratitude in Every Moment. You’re going to start to see random people smiling at you, because You Glow from this Alignment.

Walk in Love & Gratitude, Always & Watch your Life turn Magical, Fast!

Now Go all Out!

Listen to meditative music that has been tuned to 432Hz, tones harmonious with earth, your body and aligned with Source, while doing your mantra. Please see article 432Hz & The Healing Harmonic Tones, click here, for full details.

Bring it On!

sri-yantra-coloured-right 288

When I manifest with the Sri Yantra, I do the same things as above. The Sri Yantra meditation is another path to connect with Source. It is only natural that you create better when you connect to the most Creative force inside of you. You can download a larger version of the above Sri Yantra here, which has been colored according to the deities.

    1. First, I step into alignment just by thinking of it and I’m there. Our thoughts are that powerful, think and instantly create – it is also just simply deciding to feel Love & Gratitude Now. I’ve been Axiatonal Re-aligned with the Universe and I’ve been doing this for a while so its very easy for me, but keep doing it and it’ll get easier and easier. For those who can do this, do this first. For others, just start with the meditation.
    2. Envisage yourself surrounded by light and meditate on the Sri Yantra as described in the Sri Yantra Meditation, click here.
    3. When you return back to the Bindu point and have shifted your awareness within and the image of the Sri Yantra is in your minds eye, start to give Love and Appreciation for all the things in your life. Feel the Love and Appreciation for you radiate back as you see the Yantra imprinted in your mind’s eye.
    4. Start to visualize the things you want to create in your life and visualize them having already been achieved.
    5. Whenever you are ready, give thanks, knowing you have done your part in the creative process and that the Universe is now doing its part. Take a few deep breaths, open your eyes and become aware of your surroundings once again.

Ooo I feel squiggly (tickles of energy up and down) afterwards.

“Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world they’ve been given than to explore the power they have to change it. Impossible is not a fact. It’s an opinion. Impossible is not a declaration. It’s a dare. Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary. Impossible is nothing.”Muhammad Ali

I feel like the coincidences of things entering my life occur more frequently since I’ve been using the Sri Yantra. It’s difficult to judge, maybe it’s just a placebo effect. The crazy thing is it doesn’t even matter, as long as I believe in it, it will be so because I’ve created it. In the end reality is all in the power of your mind; check out Quantum physics Young’s Double Split experiment here. So, how about I just tell you it Works! It Works!

Anyway I love it! Been raving about it to all my friends (who all pretty much think I’m insane) and I’m not about to take it down anytime soon. I even noticed, one morning after I gave Love & Appreciation infront of the Sri Yantra, I was high as I listened to house music on the way out. Why don’t you try it and leave comments below.

It’s also very important to De-calcify your Pineal Gland as this is where you connect to your Higher-self, Source, see De-calcify your Pineal Gland – Our Eye of Horus

Note: Humans are funny. I’m sure if you had paid for this information, you would try and make the most of it, but you have nothing at stake here. Well apart from your life. Many would consider it valueless, as it was free. Unlike members only clubs that charge extortionate prices such that they are considered exclusive and superior, and how great it would be to be seen there. Society has taught you to associate price with value, such that many of you know the price of everything but the value of nothing. Yet happiness is priceless.

Further Reading and References:

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Young’s Double Split Experiment
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  • Irene author
    26/11/2016 at 11:02am

    thanks for the great info

  • kia author
    18/12/2016 at 2:35am

    Hi, thank you for sharing this amazing video. I was very curious about it after I watched Amish Shah’s video on how Sri yantra meditation or simply having Sri yantra can help you manifest anything in life and I got to watch Yon world video on youtube as well where he talks about how Sri yantra helped him manifest material wealth. I wanted the same but I wanted to manifest my perfect relationship and my dream job. So, I thought of giving it a try.

    I downloaded the Sri Yantra from Amish’s website and in no way was I convinced that it would work. I’m sorry but in my desperate search for quick fix in life, I have come across so many people who have made me look like a fool by trusting their bogus claims. But in this case, I did not have to pay any money and it was just about getting it printed. I did a few copies. One night, I was lying on my bed looking at Sri yantra’s picture on my mobile focusing on the Bindu. It was late in the night and somehow my thoughts were silent and there was nothing going on in my mind. I don’t know when I closed my eye but what I experienced after that was very scary to me at that time because spirituality, mediation is quite new to me. I lost track of my sensations and I saw just blank black space and I heard a continuous sharp frequency. I have been listening to om frequency and solfeiggo frequencies, binaural and other frequencies more recently and it was something like that. At that time I realized that I was wanting to open my eyes and move my body but I couldn’t move my hands or body. I tried to open my mouth to speak or scream because I was that scared and I had no clue something like this was possible. I forced myself to open my eyes but in vain. I was saying to myself “Somebody please help me, I am stuck, don’t know what’s happening, am i dead or something (lol, I know) and suddenly I just moved my fingers and my eyes were wide open. After I opened my eyes, I went to my sister’s room and told her the experience. I don’t know what happened. I had never experienced anything like that but now that I think of it, it wasn’t a very bad experience. It’s just that I was scared.

    I mediate on sri yantra regularly and have its picture all over my room but I have not experienced that again. So many people say and I have noticed all over the internet how people are benefiting by it but in my case nothing is really happening though I place my full faith in it. Do you have any idea what happened to me that day? And what do I need to do to benefit in my life with Sri yantra? Can we put multiple Sri yantra pictures at home and in one room. I keep a picture of Sri yantra under my pillow when I sleep. Is that okay? I am in a very desperate situation. Any help/suggestion would be greatly appreciated and humbly accepted. Much blessings and prayers to you.

    • L.i.L.'Ying author
      20/12/2016 at 12:53pm

      Hi Kia .. We live in a multi-dimensional world, the sharp frequency you heard, is your ears tuning into higher dimensions and you had an out of body experience, how COOL! like when people astral project, such that your consciousness is not fully connected to your body. Don’t worry, just focus back into your body and you will return. I used to get this alot when I woke up when I was little and it used to scare me too, but then I figured if I just fall back asleep I’ll wake up again connected..
      When you meditate with an expectation of something happening, you brain will be thinking about it, i.e. you will be using your human brain, what we have been programmed into the Matrix to do, but if you let go of all your thoughts like you did originally, you will return to you, the original you, and other experiences will open up…but do not hold onto them, for those too will pass 🙂 there will be periods when you are conscious of things happening, and those when there doesn’t seem to be anything happening, it’s all good. You’re multi-dimensional aswell, all because your conscious side might not have noticed anything, your sub-conscious maybe doing over time on another level connecting you and growing.
      Your faith should be in YOU, and YOU alone, You are the Creator, You are Source, the Sri Yantra is just a tool, one of your many toys to help awaken YOU, the Divine, within. Have you managed to read the article before ‘The Manifestor in You’ and the following articles? What you focus on ‘will be’..thus if you are focusing on your desperate situation, acting desperately and therefore vibrating this, this will be what you are creating and bringing into your reality. Take your focus and place it on better things; give thanks every evening as described, throughout your day train yourself to take mental notes of all the good things that happen no matter how small, for they are all blessings, and stop any thoughts dwelling on bad things as soon as you notice you are doing it, and soon you will be vibrating different and will bring higher vibrational things into your life. I cannot stress how important it is to tend to your vibrations, your emotions, especially the underlying sub-consious ones, as this will be your underlying vibration. This is why it’s important to follow ‘The Manifestor in You’ and the mantra work at the beginning of this article. It is from your vibration that you create. Take Care and Bless X

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