The Matrix

First Read Mediation Rainbow Bliss – You Are Source.

Imagine, you are just conscious thought. How would you grow?
By having more thoughts, more experiences, more ideas etc. Generating contrast and things for you to love, hate, develop solutions, finding ways to overcome hardships etc. The more pressure to think, the more thoughts or ideas you have to come up with. The stronger the Darkness, the greater the Light needs to work, the more expansion there is.

Imagine how you would keep generating new ideas in today’s world. You would build a computer simulation and keep inputting different stories to produce more results, more experiences, more ideas – more growth. To get as many different stories as possible, a mind boggling number of iterations (let’s say different beings) would be entered. It would then only be logical to increase these iterations by simply splitting time lines, producing parallel universes, when certain significant choices are made. Your role or purpose could be considered your fate or destiny and in line with Source (the original story line you were meant to carry out). Every time you make a choice not in line with the will of Source, a new timeline splits. Every time you in one of the time lines chooses light, it then merges with the timeline that has always remained inline with the will of Source.

binary-matrixThere are even similarities in computer programming. A computer holds information using Binary coding. This only consists of 1 and zeros, representing on and off, which can express all information.
Everything that exists in this world can be considered emanating from 1 – the Oneness (the All) and 0 – Nothing

Each and every aspect of the Sri Yantra (see Sri Yantra Meditation), each triangle and resulting triangles from the overlap, each petal etc all represent all the different aspects of existence and the deities that look after them, like desire, intellect, ego, the organs of perception and action, that perceive earth, water and other ones that govern sight, taste, sound etc. Can you see how all the demi-gods that govern different aspects of our world and senses are just all the different programmings that lock us down in the matrix. With us in the middle, the Bindu point. We came here to understand and play with all the aspects that this world has to offer, as described by all the god/goddess in the Sri Yantra. Meditation on Yantras (which are all derived from the Sri Yantra) that concentrate on certain aspects, like compassion, can helps us to develop further understanding of these attributes. Things we may have come here specifically to learn. The Sri Yantra is an image of the programming and somewhere deep in the sub-consciousness we already know this. This is why mediating on it can help you connect to the divine within you, it can reach to that part of your sub-consciousness and help bring to surface its true nature, jolting our memory. The Flower of Life is an image of the programming used to create this whole particular reality and the Sri Yantra is used to govern how it is then experienced.

sri-yantra-333jpgThe Sri Yantra is contained in a square where there are four T-shaped portals, or gateways. The area outside of this is considered the God realm, where the Gods reside, outside of all the programs. They enter the 3-D world through the portals and to maintain being here and to experience the attributes of this game, they are subject to the rules of the surrounding demi-gods/programs. As you move outwards from the Bindu Point, the outer square contains god/goddess that help you overcome attributes like anger, jealously, desire for worldly goods, false pride etc so that once overcome you can enter the God realm. The Sri Yantra (see Sri Yantra Meditation) itself, the geometry of the triangles and their intersections, is also so complex that only with the use of a modern day computer, through multiple iterations, can it be drawn to perfection, so that they perfectly intersect at each required location.

What if the game was you have your program, your own personality, the original one before experiences started to shape how you think. The game is to let’s see who can overwrite whose program. Kind of like, to see who has the strongest of wills. People are overwriting your original happy, carefree program all the time, if you let them, with advertising, fears, labeling like you’re fat, stubborn, have depression etc which lock you down, shape and influence your life, your perceptions, your personality. Or you can choose to stay You and influence them.. fun game?

Just imagine, you are a computer, a souped-up computer program, loaded with Giga Bites (GB), so the more GB you have, the faster you should be able to figure who you truly are and your way out of control of the other programs. The more Ram I release for the subject would also help speed this up. They’re very clever by keeping our Ram busy with work and debt or distracted with partying and more things to buy etc.

Now, as you think, all you are doing is running your program. The program used to keep playing this game in the matrix. Only when you stop thinking and just Be, do you stop running your program. This is normally when you are in the Zone, not thinking, or when you are feeling happy and free and just enjoying the feeling. This is your natural state when you were born, before the experiences of this world conditioned you. So when you are Happy and Free, that’s when you just Be, when you are no longer playing the game.
Meditation can help you just Be. It requires you to empty your mind, stop running the programs, and just watch your thoughts and let them go. So you realize you are not your thoughts, they do not control you but instead you start to learn to control them. In that space of not thinking, you just Be and that is exactly when you are out of the Matrix. Where you realize who you truly are, just consciousness.

Rather than just watching my thoughts and doing nothing but notice them, when I get day to day thoughts, like what shall I make for dinner, as soon as the sentence starts, I stop it. My brain doesn’t like it, as it’s completely contrary to what it is made to do and it feels a jolt every time I do it. But it instantly sets me back to that place of nothingness. My true self. Other thoughts like epiphanies and reflections on say the universe, time and space or imagery, which are insights from my inner self, I allow to run.

You are just consciousness, but you have been programmed to believe you are the choices you make. When you stand before a cake, you can choose to eat it or not eat it (or throw it, draw with it, absolutely anything – just like how a child thinks, how you originally saw things). You can choose anything. You are the thing before the thoughts start, before you start running your program on why you should or shouldn’t eat the cake, before you choose. You are not the engineer, the lawyer, the artist etc you are the Magic before you made the choice. You can be anything and everything, until you think, until you make any choice. You are the Great I AM, because you can choose anything and in that choice, in that declaration I AM, you then become it, see I AM the Magic. It’s the same with how you choose to deal with any situation, in the NOW, you can make any choice. You can choose to laugh or get angry or anything. But usually the choice is based on past experiences or future worries, thoughts we are programmed to automatically run to protect ourselves, our survival instinct, as you have been programmed with death, which limit you and your choices. When you are in the NOW, you just Be and there lies your connection to all of you, to the greatest Source available to you, You, where you have unlimited choice not based on the past or future.

love-love-love - LiLYingReflections OurWonderlife,com

You are unlimited consciousness playing a game. You can create and do anything and are just the Greatest. Like being a Grand-Master at chess, you got bored so you gave yourself some handicaps to make it more interesting. To see where you can get to with these limitations, can you still survive, can you still reach your goal, the destiny you set out for yourself …
That’s why many people who have past life regression therapy, realize that many issues in their current life are unresolved issues from their past life. They wanted to play again and see if they can resolve it this time round.

If you’re reading this page, you must want to play a part of the awakening game.
Take some time to mediate, consider it un-limit time.
Time to Un-limit Yourself.

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