I AM the Magic

I AM the Magic
before the Choice
The Dreamer before the Dream
The See-er before the Scene

I AM the Magic
Behind every Voice
Behind Every Right and Every Wrong
The Singer before Every Song

I AM the Magic
The Sun, the Darkness and the Storm
The Nothing from which the All is Born
The Giver and the Taker
The Lover and the Faker
I AM You before you knew
The Snow, the Rain, the Morning Jewel/Dew

I AM the Magic
The Player behind the Game
You and I, the All, the Same
I AM the Suffering and All the Pain
The Heartbreaking Loss, the Ecstatic Gain

I AM the Magic
The Runner of the Show
I AM All that I Know
Yet All that I AM cannot Be
Because as I know, I add to Me
– L.i.L Ying


You are the Great I AM, there are no words more Magical than “I Am” – with these words you create yourself. You are the chooser, you can become anything you want to be, if you just believe. As you choice you become, so firstly become aware of what you are choosing. Are you sub-consciously big-ing yourself up or putting yourself down?

First Awareness, then learn to Control and stop your negative thoughts though mediation, next use Affirmations ‘I AM etc’ to create.


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