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Mathematics has theorized for ages that there are an infinite number of dimensions. In physics, the idea of multiple dimensions was observed when it was noted that Einstein theory of general relativity worked for any number of dimensions, not just three. Quantum mechanics is the study of physical laws that apply at microscopic scales, has even developed the string theory, which seems to require extra dimensions of space. The strange phenomenon of Quantum entanglement also seems to suggest that there are more dimensions that the ones we can perceive.

According to the String theory, everything in the universe is made up of tiny vibrating filaments (strings) and membranes (branes) of energy. These strings are identical. The reason that one manifests itself as a heavy particle, like a proton, and another as a particle without mass, like light, is that they vibrate at different frequencies. Just like ice, water and steam are the same thing, vibrating lower when in a solid dense state, ice, and much vibrating higher to become steam. Electrons can jump from one spot to another without going through the space between the two points, and without taking any time to complete the process. String theory postulates that Electrons jump out of existence in our universe, into another, and then reappear in our universe. This other universe, within the multiverse, is not subject to the rules of space and time that govern the dimensions of which we are aware of. Physicists say that this dimension may be only a millimeter away from us yet we have no awareness of its existence. This is because the other universes are vibrating out of phase with ours, at a frequency that we cannot perceive. String theory actually requires 10 dimensions, that’s 6 more dimensions then the 4 usual dimensions we are currently accustom to: up-down, forwards-backwards, left-right and time. Seem strange, but many physicists are looking for ways to detect them.

multiverse2Conceptualising additional dimensions can be hard. Imagine there are two-dimensional creatures living in a two dimensional universe. They would have trouble conceptualizing three dimensions, the same as when we try to conceptualize more. If a 3 dimensional sphere passed through the flat 2 dimensional universe, the 2 dimensional creatures would see a series of disks that grow in size and then decreased in size. If the shape was not a sphere, the two-dimensional “slice” could changes its shape constantly. Imagine a car passing through or if the car rotated while doing so. It is easier to conceptualise a two dimensional world while inside a three dimensional world, but what if a four dimensional sphere passed through our universe? We may see a series of spheres that grew in size and then decreased in size staying visible until it changes its location in the fourth dimension. It could move freely from one place to another in our world and may seem to appear to change its shape. If it bumps into something, the collision only occurs to the “three-dimensional slice” that occupies our space at the moment. The rest of the object wouldn’t be harmed.

Quantum entanglement arose from physicists’ observation that when certain particles are ‘entangled’ (through manipulation in a laser beam) and then separated, they still appeared to move in a connected fashion, without any time lag, even after they are separated by large amounts of space. An action performed on one will instantly affect the other, as if the two were still connected. In 2012, Chinese physicists have been able to separate entangled particles 97 Km and still witnessed this affect. Even though a connection cannot be observed in this dimension, a connection between the two separated particles exist either in another dimension or is unobservable due to our ‘limited’ sensory perceptions. Both of which are basically the same thing, as we have defined things unobservable in this dimension as part of another dimension, but all actually co-exist in the muliverse.

Fractal Brain EyeAll because we are not physiologically designed to observe those dimensions, that does not mean they do not exist. Our eyes can detect a vibrational frequency of around 430 to 770 THz, which we consider as light. Our ears detect a frequency from 20 to 20,000 Hz which can vary considerable between individuals. This does not mean there are no sounds outside this spectrum. Dogs hear higher pitches in the 64Hz -44 kHz range, as they can tune in to pick up higher frequencies. What if all frequencies carry light and sound and we just can’t detect them as our ears and eyes don’t pick up frequencies outside the ranges above.

Our sensory perceptions are not just ‘limited’ to our 5 senses. Many of us have the ability to sense tension in a room or the happiness and lightness of another person.  Plenty of people also claim to have strong connections to a twin. Some people naturally can or have trained themselves to feel and channel energy, which is just another wavelength, thus being able to tune into other frequencies. Other people can see or perceive auras and some have the ability to channel (tune into) spirits or their guides.

Inter-dimensional beings may seem strange, but if it’s arrogant for us to presume that we are the only existing beings in the universe, would it not be arrogant to dismiss the existence of other beings in any of the other dimensions that share the same space as us?

A blind man would not be able to comprehend such thing as color, never mind sight. It is only because enough of us can see that he believes and recognize this as a possibility. At some point there will be enough of us that can feel the energy around us and sense our connection to everything, for everyone else to realize they are missing something and that it is time to become connected again.

“Our separation of each other is an optical illusion of consciousness.” – Albert Einstein

It’s like we are all on the same radio, we are just tuned into different frequencies. Like a radio, we wouldn’t be able to pick up a channel that vibrated out of our sensory frequency range. But if our sensory frequency changed or was widened, we would be privy to a wider range of information.  We can train ourselves to sense other frequencies like learning to sense the energy around us. We vibrate lower and are more dense when we are depressed, vibrating higher when we are happy and as we progress on our spiritual journey. Changing the frequency we vibrate at would also change the range of frequencies we would be able to sense. It would also change the things that we attract towards ourselves by the Law of Attraction.

Consider Heaven as a different dimension, the key to the gates is not an actual physical key, but a sound key, a higher faster vibration that will enable us to access that dimension.


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