Heal Yourself

Meditation & Self Healing

Through meditation, as you relax you let go of blockages; this enables the energy to flow through you more freely. This Source energy is also light and carries wisdom. Even though you may not have intended to go on a spiritual journey, you will find that you will grow and mature as you allow more to flow through you.

The Reiki Master Usui’s early methods “were primarily centered on the attainment of spiritual enlightenment, though without the attachment of religious dogma or belief. These teachings were focused on developing awareness of one’s true and complete nature through the use of meditation techniques and other contemplative methods.” – The London School of Usui Reiki Ryoho
Here is a method which can helped you meditate and feel the energy around and through you:

Self Healing

  1. Aim to be as relaxed as possible. Wear loose clothing and sit as comfortable as possible.
  2. As you may be sitting for long, you may wish to find something to lean your back on. There is no need to have crossed legs, especially if you get cramp easily.
  3. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths, and exhale, each time you exhale feel all the stress, or tightness, thoughts, noise, tiredness leave your body.
  4. Open your crown chakra by just imagine it opening and keep taking deep breathes.
  5. Let yourself and your body become more relaxed from the top down and feel the calmness around you
  6. Keep this rhythmic breathing going as you imagine there is white light like a water fountain falling onto your head, gently overflowing over your shoulders and down your back and front.
  7. Imagine the light flowing continually down gently over your thighs and knees and over your legs to your toes until you are completely covered.
  8. Then keep visualising white light continually flowing down over you and also inside of you reaching your finger tips and all the way down to your toes, surrounding you in peace and love
  9. As you breath in, feel the energy fill your stomach near your navel, feel the ball of energy grow bigger and brighter each time you breath in
  10. Just before you finish inhaling, feel some of the energy raise up and as you exhale feel the love coming out of your heart spreading out to all those around you
  11. All the while keep imagining the light continually flowing down over you and in you, to your finger tips and down over your legs to your toes.
  12. You can also image energy flowing to any area of your body that you feel requires healing.

Visualise the energy flowing over you and in you as you breathe anywhere, anytime; when you are travelling, walking down the street etc. Your aim is so that becomes a sub-conscious action, as natural as breathing.  It is a way of living rather than just a moment of time taken out to practice.

You are also welcome to share any advice or meditations that you find beneficial and believe will help others. Just submit an article and hopefully we can post it on the website for everyone’s benefit.


When you finishing meditation some of you may feel a bit light headed. You can just enjoy this or ground yourself by having some dark chocolate or coffee, as they have a strong aroma and taste.


Please note: All the information is general in nature to assist those on a search for knowledge on all aspects of well-being. None of the information forms medical advice or should be taken as form of treatment without the advice of a physician.

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