Chakras (चक्र)

Chakra means ‘wheel’ and ‘cycle’ and come from the Sanskrit sources. We have 7 main chakras that we can assess in this dimension. These are energy centers in our being, where perpetual Qi (Prana) is channeled through our system. Each corresponding to different aspects in our lives and supports our mind, body and soul. The energy from each chakra emits a different color.

Chakra Tree And Flower of Life.
7th Crown Chakra  – Violet

Self-Knowledge, Self-Awareness, Intuition, Consciousness, Connected, Oneness with All, Empathy and Soul Connection
Imbalances affect the above and include feelings of loneliness, separation and being judgmental.
6th Third Eye Chakra – Indigo
Self-Reflection, Self-Development and Growth, Strength of Mind and Mind over Body.
Imbalances affect the above and include not learning or maturing quickly, feeling stuck, foggy mind, easily influenced.

5th Throat Chakra – Blue
Self-Expression and Communication including listening
Imbalances affect the above and include feeling restricted, suffocation and small, talking too much and not listening, self obsessed.

4th Heart Chakra – Green
Love, Joy, Gratitude, Compassion and.
Imbalances affect the above and can include greediness, solitude, holding onto grudges, selfishness, neediness, unloved and self-pity.

3rd Solar Plexus Chakra (Below Rib Cage) – Yellow
Energy, Balance and Self-Confidence, Self-Esteem, and Respect for All.
Imbalances affect the above and include feeling lost, self judgment and criticism, depression and smug

2nd Sacral Chakra (Lower Abdominal) – Orange
Creative, Sexual, Playful, Exploration, Passionate, and Motivated.
Imbalances affect the above and include cravings, manipulation, feelings of stagnant and inadequacies.

1st Root Chakra (Base of Tail Bone) – Red
Grounded, Supported, Sense of Belonging, Family Ties, Mother Earth Connection, and Stable
Imbalances affect the above and include big egos, feeling unconnected, insecure and uncertain

To strengthen certain aspects in your life, you can channel energy into the corresponding chakra area of your body, visualizing its colour in your mind.

When one of the chakra is blocked or unbalanced, you will feel lack in its corresponding aspects above. If one particular chakra becomes blocked or need balancing, it will start to affect the others. Thus it is better balance all of them. Below is a simple method that can be used:

  1. Lie or sit comfortable and take a few deep breaths
  2. Imagine the crown chakra just above your head, as see it as a beautiful young violet lotus. Now channel energy down to the lotus while imagining light coming down filling it up.
  3. As you channel energy and light down, imagine the lotus blossom slowly, with its violet aura growing stronger and wider.
  4. Once you feel the energy, or visualise the violet aura is of sufficient size and strength, move down to the next chakra.
  5. Imagine a young indigo lotus at the same level as your third eye and do the same thing as above.
  6. Then move onto the next chakra, imagining a lotus in the same location and with the same color as that chakra, and do the same thing as above, until you have energized and cleared all the Chakras.
  7. Depending on the amount of energy required to unblock, balance or energies each Chakra, the time you take at each location to see the lotus fully blossom and visualise the colors stronger will vary. So take your time.

You can help balance others, by channeling energy to them, the same way as above, but just visualise the colours as you move from the Crown Chakra down to the Root Chakra.

Once you have mastered this, you can try the Unified Chakra Mediation in the What is Lightbody? book by Tashira Tachi-ren

Please note: All the information is general in nature to assist those on a search for knowledge on all aspects of well-being. None of the information forms medical advice or should be taken as form of treatment without the advice of a physician.

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