Healing is a natural part of us all. Zaen-Qi is the acknowledgement of this fact.






– Ours / We



} Zaen – Our Natural Source

– Meditative State

– Energy

Qi (Chi) is all around us, around ‘i’, which can be perceived greater when at Zen. Each of us carry an aura and create it in every moment. Therefore we should be conscious of the trail of energy we leave behind and aim to maintain a positive tail.

Healing is our natural gift, which can be ignited but us simply opening our minds and acknowledging it. Energy runs through us all the time, giving us life. Open yourself up to it more, breathe it through you and into your body and let it heal you and others.

Daily stresses can cause blockages in our system. When we relax and let go of these stresses, blockages are released. At Zen, at peace, we think clearer and feel better. The flow of energy through us is also least blocked. It is difficult to maintain a life of Zen, in a world with negative influences, so we should take the time to sit, relax and meditate. This allows space to align the body, mind and spirit. Being at peace, well being, is our natural state.

We can often spend so much time and energy searching for ways to fulfill our lives, when all we need to attain fulfillment is a little time to find ourselves.

Healing not only helps physical ailments but also mental and emotional states. Most healing techniques teach one to feel the energy, Qi (Prana in Sanskrit), and how to channel it, which strengthens and balances the Qi within them and others. Reiki existed before Usui, the renowned Reiki Master named it so. He sought to learn healing from Buddhists and he was enlightened just like other Buddhas before him. The descriptions of our Chakras were written in Sanskrit texts written long ago.

There are many methods I have found beneficial in healing as well as some that I have not found harmony with and therefore rejected. Some healing techniques may suit some people more than others e.g. some people may be particularly drawn to Chakra healing, as they may be able to visualise the colours more easily. These pages are set up to provide an accessible starting point to learn healing.


Learning to heal

We all have an ability to channel energy. It has just not been fully awakened in most of us. Just like we all have the ability to draw. Drawing comes easy to some of us, while others need more practice.

We should all find time for ourselves and for our spiritual growth, and it would be nice if we could all channel healing. However, we all have our roles to play in this world and assistance can be sought from those who have chosen to specialize in healing work. Your local recommended healer could help you initially notice the energy by channelling it to you or provide you with further guidance if required.

The exercises below are set out in order of how to begin learning. When you start you may not feel anything, which may be because you are trying to feel something or expecting something noticeable to happen. Thus you will miss the initial subtleness as you slowly enable the energy to flow. Relax and you may notice momentarily small tingling sensations or prickling sensations of your hairs as if you’ve been brushed ever so slightly. As time goes by, these feelings will become more noticeable, depending on each individual and the time dedicated to the practice. Mastering these skills takes time and patience. Spend time with it and you will be rewarded and so will the others around you.


Heal Yourself

Visualisation & Meditation

Initial Energy Awareness

Ball of Energy

Elastic Band

Channeling Energy to Others

Channeling the Energy

Distant Healing

Chakra Healing

Please contact me, if you can help translate these pages into other languages so more people can learn.

Please note : All the information is general in nature to assist those on a search for knowledge on all aspects of well-being. None of the information forms medical advice or should be taken as form of treatment without the advice of a physician.