Om Tonoscope – the Sri Yantra?

Om Sri Yantra

Om tonoscope = the Sri Yantra. Really… I mean Really.

These two pictures flying around the internet certainly shows it is. Then it must be true! The 2nd one’s even in color.

om 315     sri yantra om315


I didn’t even know what a tonoscope was, and it still sounded cool. Quick google – it’s a plate that you vibrate with sound. On top you can place fine powder like sand or liquid and as the plate vibrates, patterns form. There is a whole science called Cymatics dedicated to the translation of sound vibrations into visible patterns.

A Yantra is a precise geometrical diagram or object representing aspects of divinity. They are used for meditation and healing purposes. Yantra means an instrument or machine.

sri yantra 348 The Sri Yantra is a Mother of a Yantra. Not only because it is considered to be the Mother of all yantras as all other yantras are derive from it, this ancient symbol is considered to enable activation of the pineal gland (Third Eye) through mediation and intention, and help achieve higher states of consciousness. Śhrī refers to the supreme consciousness i.e. God and is often translated into English as Holy. The Sri Yantra is a powerful sacred symbol and an instrument to help you connect to the divine within you. Aligning yourself with the creator within yourself, enables you to manifest with greater consistency and ease. The Vedas explain Shree Yantra as a scientific, cosmic and planetary energy zone. It is considered to contain everything in it, including all the creative forces of the universe.

In the ancient Indian scriptures known as Upanishads, the very first sound, was OM. Before creation began, there was nothingness and everything existed in a latent state of potentiality. As creation began the divine, all-encompassing consciousness took the form of the first and original vibration, the sound “OM”, and thus it symbolizes the manifestation of God in form. God first created sound and the universe arose from it. John 1:1 in the bible states ‘In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.’ Just a coincidence?

From the cymatics video you can see how different sounds/wave lengths causes patterns/formations to arise. Consider sound is just vibration and vibration is also energy. According to Quantum Physics The whole world is just made up of particles or strings vibrating constantly. OM is considered the sound of this vibrational energy, which pulses throughout the universe. This is why the sound of Om resonates with us when chanted and is considered to have healing and balancing effects. We’re just made of vibrating particles. As long as we’re vibrating right we’re Ok. Once we get out of whack and vibrate different, we or parts of us change to something else, not our natural state. My table is just particles vibrating differently from me. So why not use sound to influence your particles to vibrate back to their natural state.

It seems only natural that the Sri Yantra represented Om. But OM producing the Sri Yantra pattern on a tonoscope?

What got me was the Sri Yantra isn’t symmetrical like other cymatic patterns formed, like the ones below and in the video, which I guess kept my brain saying Mmmmm….. Or Ommmmmm?


Also it was very intricate, especially in the middle. They would be pretty hard shapes to make out on a tonoscope, unless it was pretty massive.

I kept searching for the origins of both the 2 pictures above, but even with the description beneath the colored picture stating it was a ‘still from a short film by Roland Nameth’, I kept coming to a dead end. Those two pictures above seem to be the only 2 (pretty unclear) images of the Sri Yantra created on a tonoscope pattern and were just being reiterated, re blogged again and again with no real source. Darn you Internet.

I figured also, if this was true, someone would have repeated the experiment, and there would be new videos and photos confirming the fact. But alas, no such thing. Mmmmm…. Ohmmmmmm…

Ok after hours of research, Bored now and Pretty disappointed. There’s so much information on cymatics (a whole other article or book is really needed on that and sacred geometry), but nothing on the Om tonoscope or what frequency it needs to be played at to produce the Sri Yantra. I am definitely not yet convinced. In the meantime, I’m totally intrigued with the Sri Yantra now. My guides, yes my invisible friends, must be bringing this symbol to my attention for a reason. Will be integrating it with my meditation and will report back later…

…cont. at Sri Yantra Meditation..


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