Healing Session

The healing encompasses physical, emotional and spiritual aspects. It also includes positive, empowering, and progressive transformation in a person’s perspective and a return to balance. We basically consist of vibrations, energy, whether that is in our physical, vibrating matter, or spiritual form. We vibrate at a lower frequency when we are sad or down, than when we are happy. Illnesses can be due to or result in us vibrating at a frequency not in line with wellness. As energy is channeled, the energy influences your vibrations to correct and also raises your vibration. In a similar way, if you came across or spent time with someone with loads of vibrant energy, you come away feeling energized and vibrant yourself.

Many people see channeling healing as mystical and therefore should work like magic, be instant and everlasting. Please note that it is not magic, as explained above, and like medicine, may require a few treatments or a change in lifestyle. The healing and raise in vibration can help you become more aware, see things differently, and act as a jumping off point to help you start attracting more positive outcomes. However, if you are cleared of something like a cold or depression, but then keep going out into the rain or doing the same things in life, it is only logical that you will achieve same result, especially if underlying issues build up again. A change in your lifestyle, perspective and/or vibration etc maybe required and thus guidance is always provided in my healing sessions to ensure a more everlasting result, and ways in which you can assist in your own recovery.

Please note that you should consult a medical doctor if you have a medical or mental condition, and before starting any new regimen. By contacting me for a session you are acknowledging this and taking responsibility for participating.

I provide the healings that are best suiting for each situation; which can range from holistic healing to Akashic Record clearings or both, and counselling/guidance on how to deal with issues going forward. Thus each healing session lasts up to 2 hours, consisting of the holistic part which is around 50 min, and a good chat on any issues you wish to deal with.
Further healing sessions may be required depending on each individual case.
I also do distance healings and Akashic Record clearings, and provide guidance over skype.
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“After my operation Oct 2011 in removing broken meniscus, I had been going for acupuncture and collagen injections for about 6 months but didn’t feel much improvement so I decided to try to alleviate my knee injury with healing work. I had nothing to lose. Felt heated during the treatment and noted significant improvement after first session, quite amazing…. and since felt relieved after every time. Frank, I consider myself as one of those lucky ones to know you and to receive healing from you.”
Fanny L., Civil Engineer.


“I’m a avid sportsman and I was miserable the day before my ski trip as I had contracted a cold & strained my back. I decided to try a healing session and it being my first alternative health treatment I was skeptical. Straight afterwards I didn’t feel much different, just relaxed and a little light headed. However, the next day I woke up & felt fab, all my symptoms had regressed and I was able to enjoy the snow feeling like new. As an alternative to the traditional health treatments the healing was great, totally recommended.”
Richard S., Project Manager


“Ying was wonderful and really helpful in helping me to identify and let go of some attachments which were causing inconvenience in my life. She pointed out something so obvious which I had overlooked which was essential to my improvement in being and outlook on life. She also directed me to some wonderful knowledge on self healing (her website!) which involves a little bit breath and visualization work.. it really works and is easy! Thanks Ying!!”
S. Wallace, Web Designer