Hair Loss Recovery Remedy

So I malt like a cat! Luckily, I’ve been endowed by thick black hair, but went into malting overdrive during a very stressful period of my life. After washing my hair, I would literally comb handfuls of hair out, and it’ll be all over the floor. It was only when my regular hair dresser noticed how thin my hair was getting that I starting getting worried. Yes more stress, not helping!

So after research and some adaption later, voila, OurWonderlife recipe for thicker hair. I used this every 2 or 3 days for over 3 months and I, and my hairdresser, could really feel the difference. My hairdresser demanded the recipe, so here it is:

You need:
1. A 15-20ml glass dropper – plastic containers have chemicals that leak into products.
2. Cold Press Organic Castor Oil – Organic, because we all know the drill, we don’t want to be rubbing any pesky chemicals into us. Cold Press, because heated methods kills off nutrients.
3. Organic Jojoba Oil .
4. Organic Coconut Oil – for a nice coconut smell.


  1. Before bed, fill the glass dropper nearly 2/3rd with the Caster Oil, 1/3rd Jojobo Oil and a few drops of Coconut Oil, and mix it up.
  2. Part hair on one side just above one ear, drop the mixture along the parting and massage into your scalp. Then comb another parting about 1cm further up and do the same until you’ve worked from one ear all the way over the top of your head to the other ear.
  3. I then drop what’s left in the glass bottle onto my finger tips and massage into the back of my head where I haven’t yet reached. The oil will run down your hair during the night, so I don’t really worry about massaging down to the roots.
  4. Wrap your head in towel and sleep on top of the towel. Don’t worry it doesn’t really mess up the towel and washes out easily.
  5. Wash out next day. Use a coin size amount of shampoo, foam in your hands and then massage into your hair starting at the back of your head. Do this a couple of times. This is more effective than using a massive amount of shampoo and trying to wash it out in one go.
  6. Repeat every second or third day.


Extra Tips

  • I don’t wash my hair every day, as I find this dries it out and basically strips it of it natural oils.
  • Use natural organic shampoo, or the less chemicals the better.
  • When shampooing, use a coin size amount of shampoo, foam in your hands and then massage into your hair starting at the back of your head, rather than placing a concentrated amount of shampoo on the top of your head, where your hair is probably the thinnest.
  • My hairdresser tip – If you have really long hair and its thinning, take the plunge and cut it short. This way your nutrients can be concentrated on shorter hair and repair, rather than spreading thinly over the whole length. I kept my hair short for half a year before growing again, definitely worth it.
  • Don’t sleep near your phone, the radioactivity probably isn’t doing your hair follicles any good. I still have a bad habit of using my phone as my alarm clock, but I turn it off or onto airplane mode.
  • De-stress – Stress or Dis-ease is the sure way to lower your immune system and cause hair to fall out to turn white. Go take a walk in nature, clear your mind and soak up the good energy.

Give it a go, it worked wonders for me and let us all know how it goes below.
I even rub a little of what’s left onto my eyelashes before I sleep to help them grow.

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Thank you and Bless


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