Change your Thoughts, Change your Reality

Reality check

The world we live in, our life, our reality, is based on how we see things. Everything begins as thoughts in our heads.

When we dwell on something constantly they turn into beliefs and become habitual thoughts in our sub-consciousness. This steers our life without us realizing it, such that it becomes our reality. If we are happy in life, we see and highlight happy moments of our life in our mind. This instills the reality of life being good further into our thoughts. If we are unhappy, the same occurs but highlighting unhappy moments instilling this line of thought. For example someone may say you cannot do something or are not good enough. You can brush this off, or start dwelling on it. If you think about it more and more, and as it seeps into your sub-conscience, you will start to believe in it. As you start to believe in it, your confidence would be suppressed, inhibiting your performance. This in turn confirms the idea, making you believe in it even more until it becomes your reality.

If you are unhappy, you need to stop and realize this reality was just formed by your belief, which was just created by your thoughts. Do not hold on to your truths so strong. See them as they originally were, just thoughts, which the repetition allowed them to seep into your sub-consciousness.

Neuroscientists have shown that the conscious mind controls only 5% (more aware people) or less of our cognitive (conscious) activity during the day. The rest of the day, 95%, we are on auto pilot run by our sub- consciousness. The sub-consciousness mind controls how we do routine things that we have previously learnt, like walk or brush our teeth in the morning. Our minds drifts constantly throughout the day and thoughts can easily slip in. Negative thoughts can become ingrained, becoming habitual thoughts like “I stupid” making you unhappy all because of a silly mistake a long time ago.

seek alternative realityTo become happier we have to become more aware of what thoughts are controlling our lives. We should let go of those ones that do not serve us positively. A consciousness filter determining what thoughts are allowed to seep into our sub-consciousness should also be done, so that even though we may have negative thoughts here and there, we are consciousness enough to stop them in their tracks so that they do not become habitual. We can also change the habitual sub-conscious thoughts by doing exercises to input and ensure they are all positive ones: see how to do this by creating your own Eternal Circle of Appreciation & Gratitude.

Many people believe our genes form who we are and our traits may be handed down. However findings in the new science of epigenetics have shown that our genes are in fact controlled and manipulated by how our minds perceive and interpret our environment. Therefore we can change many things about the way we are, including our health, by changing how we interpret events and situations which happen to us. In other words by changing our perspective and the way we think. Dr Bruce Lipton, a cutting edge molecular biologists and former professor of medicine at Stanford University, has found that a new attitude, positive or negative, sends new messages to the cells in our body and can actually reprogram their health and behaviour. It can even change cellular structure, turning diseased cells into healthy cells. Clearly our mind and spirit can influence our body.

A number of experiments made by neuroscientist with Buddhist mediators have also shown that people can actually change their brain structure (regardless of their age) by creating new neural pathways just by conscious thinking. The same research also showed that people who meditate regularly have higher immunity and lower blood pressure, among other health benefits.

The mind races, but you are the Driver – Take Control of Your Mind, both the conscious and sub-conscious parts. Don’t leave such an important thing to autopilot. Drive Your Life in the Direction You Want.


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