Cancer Prevention

So I’m no doctor, but I do know we have this great immune system that helps fight off illnesses, including the Big C, Cancer. One of the great ways to boost this immune system is exercise. In a 2013 study, blood samples were taken of 10 average healthy men, before and straight after a 60 min cycling exercise. Clear serum was extracted from the blood samples and poured over prostate cancer cells. It was found that the serum taken after exercising suppressed the cancer cell by 30%!! Yes just by simply exercising!

As well as exercise, there are many other ways we can ward off cancer:

Healthy Diet of Organic, Living, Plant based foods – All sorts of chemicals including pesticides, herbicides, additives, preservatives, and hormones can be found in the vegetables and meat that you buy from the supermarket.
Try eating as close to 1, on a scale from 1 to 10, whenever possible, where:
1   – ‘live foods’ that have been grown and freshly plucked from the garden, and say
2   – grown food that’s been packaged and has started to die, etc to
10  – processed foods like hot dogs.
Your body is being regenerated every day; cells die and are replaces constantly. Now what is it being regenerated with – with what you put into your mouth. Remember Rubbish in, Rubbish out!

Anti Cancer VeggiesIncorporate Anti-Cancer Veggies and Fruit into your Diet – One of the top anti-cancer vegetables is Garlic, yes keep those Cancer Vampires cells away with lots of garlic and other allium vegetables, like Leeks and Onions. Dark green and Cruciferous vegetables Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, Cauliflower, Kale, Red cabbage are also v beneficial and even stopped growth in various cancers tests, see results on p2 of the Antiproliferative and Antioxidant Activities of Common Vegetables: A Comparative Study. Purple vegetables and fruits, get their colour from anthocyanin that are also high in antioxidant qualities, see the Magic of Purple Corn.

Spice up Your Life with Turmeric which is Potently Anti-Cancer – also known as Curcumin, with so many health benefits, including the ability to inhibit the transformation of cells from normal to tumor, and helping your body destroy mutated cancer cells.
Curcumin as an Inhibitor of Cancer Study, shows that curcumins inhibit cancer at initiation, promotion and progression stages of development. It is fat-soluble, so taking it with a source of fat helps effectively absorb and assimilate the benefits. Organic is the best, where else the capsule version won’t guarantee digestion or the absorption of the nutrients into your system. Also see Make Mincemeat of Cancer Cells with Turmeric and Resveratrol for other benefits.

Eat Organic and Non-GMO as much as possible – Studies on rats have found increase tumors on those fed on GM food. Many countries are now taking a stand against growing and even importing GM foods. This can prove expensive in some places, so see if you can grow your own or support local organic farmers, so that they can start to provide more at a more competitive rate.

Adopt a more Alkaline Diet – it was found that cancer cells thrive in a slightly acidic environment under laboratory conditions, it is therefore logical that a more alkaline body would counter-act this. According to Keiichi Morishita in his book, Hidden Truth of Cancer, the more acidic your cells are, the less oxygenated they will be and this harms their DNA and respiratory enzymes. However, instead of dying – as normal cells do in an acid environment – some cells survive by becoming abnormal cells, thus low oxygen levels can turn some cells cancerous. Rooibos tea is a high PH level (highly alkaline) and fruit and vegetables are alkaline based too.
‘Acid-producing’ foods should be avoided like red meat, starchy grains and refined carbohydrates. Cut out acidic beverages like soda and energy drinks as all you are drinking are chemicals (cancer cells also love the high sugar content).

Meat, also carries lots of Karma. Imagine the kind of vibration the meat is carrying, base don the animals suffering in life and fear when it was killed. These bad vibes will affect your vibrations. Everything in the end of the day just consists of atoms, energy, and the only thing that distinguishes things, say you and the table, on a physical level is our vibration. If you are going to eat meat, choose animal products that are organic, free-range and hormone free.

Cut out Sugar – Otto Warburg, Ph.D., a Nobel Prize winning biochemist believed that the “prime cause of cancer is the replacement of the respiration of oxygen in normal body cells by a fermentation of sugar”. So yes, boo, cakes are out, well certainly in moderation.

Go spend some time in nature, better still take a run or exercise to get that oxygen pumping into your blood; and Hug a Tree, yes I said it! – more oxygen in the blood seems to be a must! Logical right. But with all the environmental pollution nowadays this can be problematic. We breath and make so much crap, but the nature and all the tree just soak it all up and give us oxygen. Without them we’ll be dead, so give them a bit of love.

Avoid Fluoride – check if the water system in your area is fluoridated and avoid drinking and cooking with it. In 1977, Dr. Dean Burk, head of the Cytochemistry Section at the National Cancer Institute for 30 years, showed that fluoridation increase tumors, caused the development of a rare bone, ostosarcame, and liver cancer, hepatocholangiocarcinoma, and increased the cancer death rate dramatically. Even though his studies were done for the US government, they were initially buried, and are now coming into light, see Debunking the Fluoride Myth.
Why would any government do this you might ask? haven’t they got our backs? Well isn’t the FDA a government organization that supposed to protect the US citizens. Well Johnston and Johnston have lost several court case over their talcum powder and cancer. I know, we all love the smell, but AVOID! Yet their baby powder is still approved and on shelves today, so ask yourself why, who’s interest are they really working for? Ours or the pharmaceuticals, who provide substantial presidential and campaign contributions?

Let Go of Grudges, Negative Emotions and De-stress – illness arise when we are at Dis-ease. You know how bad negative emotions feel; how can all that yukkiness not be bad for our bodies. Suppressing and locking them down in your body causes illnesses.
Learn to forgive and release these emotions so that they don’t begin to affect your body. Meditate and allow yourself to feel the emotions, and take deep breaths and release them. Don’t get angry again when you recall bad memories in your meditation, but instead, know that you are in a safe place, that that moment is just a memory and no longer exists unless you keep hold of it, take deep breaths and let it go. Forgive for Yourself and Your Health, learn to forgive see the Power of Forgiveness.

Soul Task Fulfillments – sometimes we choose to leave on a soul level, on a subconscious level, as we are not fulfilling what we wanted to as a soul when we came in. Ask yourself, is there something in your good consciousness calling you to complete or do.

Cancer rates seem to be growing, which may be due to a combination of the more damaging environment we now live in, the GMO, pesticides and hormones that plague our food. Cancer can now be detected earlier and earlier. In one sense it may mean we can treat it earlier, but then again previously, early stages of cancer may have gone undetected as the body automatically fought it off.
For example, in cases of early cervical cancer, Dr. Harper, who was the lead developer of a human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccine, made a surprised confession at the 4th International Conference. During her speech that was suppose to promote the HPV vaccines, Gardasil™ and Cervarix™, she chose instead to clean her conscience about the deadly vaccines so she “could sleep at night”, explaining how “cervical cancer risk in the U.S. is already extremely low, and that vaccinations are unlikely to have any effect upon the rate of cervical cancer in the United States. In fact, 70% of all HPV infections resolve themselves without treatment in a year, and the number rises to well over 90% in two years.” In other words, 70% of the detected infections usually clear themselves up within a year, and nearly all, 90%, within 2 years, due to our own body’s immune system.

Chemotherapy and radiotherapy greatly weakens the body as a whole, yet it remains the main traditional treatments of Cancer. Is this because we have been made to believe that is the only viable treatment out there. Yet Dr. Hardin in the video below states that in a 12-year study on cancer in Adults, chemotherapy didn’t work 97% of the time, meaning it only worked 3% of the time.

Of course there’s lots of people opposing his view on chemotherapy, but there’s no denying how many doctors are getting commission and are sponsored during their studies and training by Pharmaceuticals. Conflicts of interest would only compromise the health sector or ‘health industry’ as it has become. A recent US study on breast cancer also showed how Chemotherapy may spread and trigger more aggressive tumors, please click for report.

Here, a police officer testifies how there are cures out there for cancer but the government are hiding them.

Dr Sebi – was a renowned naturalist who specialized in herbology, pathology and biochemistry. He has successfully cured people of illnesses believed to be incurable, including AIDS, sickle cell anemia, lupus, diabetes, cancer, arthritis, epilepsy and much more. Proof, well 72 witnesses provided documentation showing that his institute cured them of these diseases, and helping him win the civil and criminal case in the New York City Supreme Court against him for practicing medicine without a license and for making fraudulent medical claims. Sadly he was arrested on charges of money laundering after arriving in Honduras from California, reportedly carrying $20,000 in cash on his person and died in custody. His Usha Research Institute, his healing village, is in La Cieba, Honduras and is still continuing his work.

Cannabis Oil
extracted from marijuana, psychoactive component 9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) does indeed kill cancer cells in the laboratory, as stated on the National Cancer Institute site. There are countless of stories about how taking cannabis oil extract has help cure so many, not only from cancer but other illnesses. Here, Teenager dying of cancer ‘recovers after mother gives him marijuana and it isn’t just one person’s story, like the doctors are making out.
Yet it is still illegal in many countries, with Pharmaceuticals like Insys Therapeutics, donating $500,000 to a campaign opposing marijuana legalization and then DEA Approves Synthetic Marijuana For Company That Spent $500K To Keep Weed Illegal. So when you give to Cancer Research, where does that money really go? Is it really going towards Pharmacies actually ‘researching for a cure’?
Wai Liu, a senior cancer research fellow at St George’s University of London, referring to THC, stated that ‘What it does to certain cancer cells is precisely the same thing as drug companies are trying to develop.’ It’s no wonder they want to stop its legalization, imagine all the profit they will lose if every woke up to this natural cure.
And how harmful is Cannabis that it has to stay illegal, no one has actually dies from it. Compare it to alcohol, and the damaging effects of that legal drug on society and the body. So what is the real reason marijuana being illegal and alcohol isn’t?
Taking the cannabis oil is not the same as smoking it and getting high. So are profits the only real reason why it isn’t being prescribe. Do you think its cure rate could be any worse than 3%? It certainly doesn’t have the damaging side effects to your body and its ability to heal.

So maybe the Big C, isn’t as big as they make it. Have we been sold another lie? Countless of people die from the Flu if not treated correctly. Are we just not being provided with the correct treatment? … hopefully in less than 10 years from now, as more people become aware, dying from Cancer will become a thing of the past..

The best thing to do is stay healthy and keep all those doctors at bay.

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