Axiatonal Re-Alignment (aka The Re-connection)

Everybody has an invisible energy system, where there are pathways over our bodies, enabling the energy flow. These meridians lines do not stop at the edge of our bodies; they continue out and used to be fully connected to axiatonal lines emanating from the universe. These lines form a circulatory system where basic energy used for renewing functions of the human body can be drawn from the Overself. Over time we became cut off from these lines.

The Axiatonal Re-Alignment involves channeling into energy into these lines and energy points in the body and further out, clearing, calibrating and awakening the whole system. Re-igniting these lines and filling them with energy, connects them back with the universe and enables again the circular energy flow; re-aligning and re-connecting you with your higher self, the universe and Source, like stepping into the Vortex (Law of Attraction). This re-connection enables you to be more in tuned with your intuition, becoming more confident; helping you to understand and achieve the things you want, guiding you on your life’s path. If you are feeling stuck, want more direction or a catapult further into your spiritual journey, then this is for you.

The Axiatonal Re-Alignment was channeled down and practiced by Janet Digiavanni. She taught it to Eric Pearl, who now teaches widely it under the name of The Reconnection.

Undertaking the Axiatonal Re-Alignment should be a conscious decision for those who have achieved a certain maturity / spiritual growth and strive for more. For some, it can open your senses up to the Universe, which consists of many entities. They can have their own agenda, which may not be inline with yours. All guidance should be considered responsibly and not taken blindly. I, therefore, do not reconnect children, unless they are spiritually mature and have requested it themselves.

Personally, when I read about the re-alignment, I knew then and there that I had been aligned, learned and continued to do this work, as if it was already in my past. My extraordinary experience during and after my personal Axiatonal Re-Alignment only instilled this. I felt full of energy afterwards. It completely confirmed to me that there is more out there than just this 3 dimensional world. I also noticed I matured much more rapidly than before and my intuition was much clearer. I started seeing triple numbers everywhere and also felt as if someone was constantly trying to communicate with me, which lead me to learn how to channel my Higher Guides and Angels. The re-alignment has definitely connected me back with the Universe in more ways than one and I feel like it has assisted greatly in the awakening of my Kundalini.
If you are willing to walk through that the door I would be honored to facilitate your Axiatonal Re-Alignment. Please note that each person will have their own unique experience, which could be very subtle.
I am a certified Level III Reconnective Healing Practitioner.
The Axiatonal Re-Alignment consists of 2 x 1-hour sessions, on consecutive days within a 24-hour period – HK$3,330. Please contact me for further inquiries at
Intoxication is not recommended in-between sessions.
The triple 3 is a significant number such that the Reconnection is priced US$330 in USA, €330 in Europe and £330 in the UK etc. around the world, regardless of exchange rates. Energy exchange in terms of charity work etc can be discussed.

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“…even though I didn’t notice any immediate improvements in my body or in my life and life seemed to continue as normal, I’ve just realized now after a couple of months, looking back how things have gradually started to change for the better. My personal relationships have improved markedly, I have found a clearer direction in my life and more importantly, I am in a much happier state of mind compared to my pre-Alignment self.. . Thank you very much…”

Emily Chan, Lawyer


“During and some days after the Alignment I was completely euphoric and filled with energy, it was amazing…then I calmed down a bit, but still feel very energetic. And whilst the healings made me very soft and peaceful and in harmony with the world the Alignment seems to add determination to it… I feel more focused and organised. I’m very curious and excited about what is going to happen with me.”

Biologist, Queen Mary (University of London)


“…at one point we were stagnant, couldn’t move pass it, what seemed like a dead end and everyone was depressed. Afterwards (after being aligned) instead of just dwelling on the terminal part of what was happening and arguing over futile things I was able to do things. Work on things that were worth doing and get on with things, making sure I used up any time I had left to do what he want us to do to make him happy rather than thinking about what I couldn’t do…”

Hassana R., Immigration Officer (Father passed of lung cancer)


“Just thought I drop you a note. It’s been a little while since my Alignment, but I just wanted to let you know how I’m getting on..
Well.. I’m currently working and living half way round the world, in Asia. Something I’ve always dreamed of doing!
It’s been a great experience so far, seeing, eating and doing all of the wonderful things that are now on our doorstep.
I have an open mind, and obviously these things are hard to scientifically prove.. but we live in a mysterious world and I’m glad I came to see you. Thank you!”

Tony, I.T. Architect – UK


“…I came out feeling really alert and focused and its, its like not an overbearing effect, but its oddly potent, like really effective in making you feel secure…”

Trade Support Administer