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Come share something that you feel can help benefit us, even if it helps just 1 person, it’s worth it! welcomes articles on remedies, meditations, manifestations, spiritual teaching to personal inspirational stories, anything and everything that may aid others in Our life journey, because we are all in it together.
Please follow the guidelines below:

  1. You must write all of the content. You can refer to sites or studies and even quote them as long as it is clearly marked with quotation marks and you provide links to them or/and reference them clearly. Please provide sources of knowledge.
  2. Please check your grammar, punctuation and spelling as this will reduce reviewing time tremendously. Please do not be upset if the piece gets slightly edited, it is done with the best intentions to ensure its readability. It will be sent back for your review before publishing.
  3. Please send in a short bio and a picture of yourself when you submit a piece for the first time. Full credit can be then given for each of your pieces at the end of your articles.
  4. You must believe everything you submit to be accurate and written in your upmost integrity. Due diligence should be done on all you write, to the best of your ability.
  5. Spiritual information & teaching is more than welcome. Religious quotes and information may be used in an article. However, contentious Religious stances and debates will not be posted. Let’s stay respectful.
  6. Send it in to with the subject stating “Article – (title of your piece… )”.
  7. Please do not use any affiliated links, or attempt to sell or advertise products, or refer to any spam sites.
  8. By submitting an article to you are granting us rights to publish and keep it on and our associated social media pages e.g. our facebook page at Please note that your name will remain with the article at all times.
  9. Please note, if published, your article is open for discussion by OurWonderlife readers. Discussions are a valuable way of obtaining more insight and perspectives. Please note that I have no control over the discussions held, but any comments deem abusive or disrespectful will remove.


Be Honest, Be Brave, Be Generous, Open & Free,
Be Yourself, Be Love, Be Inspiration!

Looking forward to hearing from you all.
Thank you & we’re All blessed to have You.
Ying Wu