OurWonderlife is a place where we can all share inspirational and healthy tips to help us all embrace Our Wonder Life. All the information is general in nature to assist those on a search for knowledge on all aspects of well-being and to remind you of who you truly are, not just an extension of Source, but that You are Source. None of the information forms medical advice or should be taken as form of treatment without the advice of a physician.

The Healing pages are to provide an easy accessible place where people can start to learn about channeling energy and healing. Healing courses can be expense, which I did not want to be a bar to many from learning this natural gift of ours. Everybody is born with the capacity to heal. Learning to and channeling energy will enhance this healing and if we can get everyone mediating 10-15 minutes a day.. wouldn’t that be amazing?

Our world is also full of natural remedies and wonders. Many of my friends are atheists; so in the articles, many of the spiritual or mystical aspects are connected to scientific findings and more ‘down to earth’ explanations, in a hope that a greater spectrum of people can appreciate them and in doing so, begin to be more open to other wonders.

As each one of us grows more connected to our soul, our increase in spiritual awareness and our connection to others will grow. We can all assist each other to achieve this and help tip the collective consciousness. Come inspire, send in an article, be part of the revolution – please read Article Guidelines first.


Ying Wu Ying Wu

Am a total sucker for learning. Nerd Alert! I grew up and obtained a degree in Engineering with Architecture in UK, and then went to discover Hong Kong. Later, I completed a Law degree and a Masters.

I came across Reiki when I first arrived in Hong Kong. I just had to find out if something that amazing was actually possible, I guess the risk/reward ratio was pretty good. Since then I have trained in Chakra healing, The Reconnection, and Brief Solution Focused Therapy and can access the Akashic Records to do readings and/or clearings. The pursuit of this knowledge was very personal to me at one stage. I lost some good friends during the Bali bombing, combined with the Iraq war, I lost faith in mankind and did not want to be a part of it. I was depressed for a very long time, before I decided I couldn’t stay that way. On my quest to get back to the person I was before I learnt many of the things above and more. I hope by sharing these things, it can help other people.

I am a very grounded person, with one foot in the physical and spiritual world. These worlds are just one and compliment each other. Our spiritual growth enables us to deal with things in the physical world, while the physical, with its trials and tribulations push us to grow further spiritually. For those of you who are more scientifically minded, I hope that I can bridge the gap between these worlds for you through my blogs. Spirituality or what are deemed spiritual aspects is just science not yet discovered.

I offer Healing Sessions and Axiatonal Re-Alignment (aka The Reconnection) in Wan Chai, Hong Kong.